Movie Review #1: The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS)

When you hear the acronym “TFIOS,” what do you think about? For millions around the world, they automatically think “The Fault In Our Stars.” This popular movie is said to be a tearjerker that attracts the attentions of all those who watch it, which is probably true for most. I honestly feel bad for the population of guys that are probably¬†forced to come with their overly excited girlfriends. But, in reality, there are some guys that are interested in watching the movie.

The book wasn’t exactly supposed to be made into a “chick flick,” it just happened. Aside from that, it was amazing. The book as well as the movie had some scenes that made me blush; because, well it did. Unfortunately, I only got through eleven chapters of the book, but decided to watch the movie, since it was the “movie of the century” (partially exaggerated, but it was for me).

The one tiny problem (for me) that I came across was the actors. Of course, they were beautifully casted, and did a knocked-up job; but, it was a bit strange for me. Why would I say this? Because, the two main characters played brother and sister in the other popular film “Divergent.” Eventually, I got over that feeling of weirdness and enjoyed the movie, but it still sticks like a microscopic being poking at my brain, and asking, “Why did this happen? Why are they the two main characters? Why couldn’t they bring in a different popular actor/actress to fill the role?”

Though, I can (just a little bit) understand why. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see popular actors/actresses play in another film that’s popular? My point is, it simply bothered me. I can’t really tell whether the book was better than the movie, since I didn’t actually read until the end, but I do know that from what I’ve read/watched both were very well put together. Thank you John Green for letting me experience the ups and downs of the film/movie’s emotional rollercoaster ride.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review #1: The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS)

  1. I feel the same way with two other actors! Aaron Taylor-Johnson & Elizabeth Olsen were husband & wife in Godzilla & now they’re going to be brother & sister in Avengers next year! Heh. It’s odd but kinda funny too.

    1. Yes, definitely! The arrangement is odd, but at least they’re not like mother-son in one movie, and then boyfriend-girlfriend in the next! That would be…. Yikes!

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