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Baby Log

Since last year, I have a new responsibility. On August 19, 2013, I became an older sister. Now, I’m not usually around him, because I live on the opposite side of the country, but when I do it’s fun (or so I thought). The new year rolled in, and he grew A LOT. It was only until a few days ago that I fully understood the hardships of being near a baby almost 24/7. Little Jayden is now able to climb, roll, and crawl.

For me, this was a great accomplishment for the little premie that’s catching up; however, not all changes are exactly beneficial. Of course, everyone wants their babies to grow up to be fine men and women, but the time in between must be truly hard. As I look back, I was pretty hyper little tyke, and probably talked more than I could process rational thoughts. In any case, I was loads of work.

Right now, I’m dealing with an eleven month baby that has yet to entertain himself, let alone fall asleep by himself. In the past few days, I didn’t have to deal with him, and leisurely fell asleep, until two nights ago. Screaming, crying, and more whining, came from the room just next to mine, it was unsurprisingly Jayden.

Thankfully, my mom spent the night with me at my dad’s place, because she was worried for my safety, being alone after eleven o’clock without a guardian. And, that simple act saved my life. A couple cries in the peaceful night, and I sprung up. Heading to the next room, I saw a fussy Jayden, who wouldn’t (couldn’t) go to sleep.

Fortunately, my mom was trying to get him to bed, but she had no luck. After all, babies wanted their mother. (Quick Note: Jayden is my half-brother, so my mom isn’t his actual parent). Anyways, he was turning in his crib, crying, and smelt terrible. My mom suggested changing his diaper, and that’s exactly what we did, after a half an hour of constant screaming.

After that, he was wide awake. Putting him in his crib, he just stared at us, then laughed. We too laughed as well, but it wasn’t good for him to be awake at around midnight. He was supposed to be asleep by eight to nine o’clock. A couple minutes before changing his diaper, I hastily texted my soon-to-be step-mom and dad, and asked for them to come home.

Of course, my dad decided to stay out until four AM, but my soon-to-be step-mom came. By that time, Jayden was all laughing and smiles. When my mom and I finally could rest easy, we heard a loud thump. Only later did I realize what happened (well I kind of did already). Jayden fell off the queen size bed next to his crib. Lisa (my soon-to-be step-mom) put him there because he liked sleeping there; but nevertheless, he fell.

Then, did we truly get a good night rest. Having a baby must be hard work, because I know just from the little time I’ve spent with Jayden, that he’s a hassle. Even eating, he climbs on the table at restaurants, and cries if no one is paying attention to him. It’s tiring, makes me want to yawn every single second I’m with him.

Last but not least, he’s one hard baby to put into a new diaper. My dad was literally flipping him to try and get his diaper on. Whilst doing so, he’s laughing. I feel like he’s secretly mocking us saying, “You’ll never succeed. Hahaha!” Other than that, he’s a wonderful little booger that I adore. Hopefully, he’ll become a very successful young man in the future. And, by that time, I’ll be old…Too bad.