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Little Time

As I grow older (and hopefully more wise), I come to the realization that everything is limited within the concept of time. As of right now, my greatest worries seem to be how much relaxation time I can get in, before my daily routine starts. However, there are some more important things that’ve come to my attention. For example, my grandmother on my father’s side’s condition. Since I’m now old enough to understand that no one lives forever, the time limit I have with certain people are continuing to decrease, especially those of older age and generation. 

Furthermore, I’ve come to cherish every single moment I have with them (or so I’d like to think). Nobody is immortal, and no one can defy the laws of nature, especially time. Back to my grandmother’s condition, she is currently resting and doing fairly well. The surgeons and doctors did an open-heart surgery, but apparently couldn’t fix anything. So, she literally had to go through the entire process of getting her chest area opened up, and enduring the pain. 

Since the “operation,” she’s been resting well. Thankfully, her sharp tongue and funny comments never cease to amaze me in the slightest. Worst case scenario, the people in charge of her operation won’t operate, and that’ll lessen her life span drastically, opposed to if they do operate. Hopefully, they will find a good method for operating, and she will be fine. 

Through these coming years, my life seems to be getting more complicated, and time is becoming the enemy. WIth the time I have left with these important people, I hope to have them forever engraved in my heart. Also, I wish to leave them with good memories of me, and everyone else in the family.