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Movie Review #2: The X-Men Series

As some people may know, the X-Men series has been going on for more than a decade. From the first film in 2000 to the recent one in 2014. Supposedly, at the end of each film there’s an extra clip showing the possibility of another one. On a side note, I noticed that there wasn’t an extra clip after X-Men 2: Men United, aside from the water scene showing the phoenix. 

Honestly, I’ve watched the entire series, at least everything up until now. It has been confirmed that two more X-Men films will be created. One being in 2016, and another in 2017. Much to say, the film lives on. On Wikipedia, it mentions that there’s two more possible films after the ones I mentioned before. In total, there’s an astounding amount of eleven films, which far surpasses the numbers of the popular series: Harry Potter.

All in all, I enjoy every X-Men film that comes out into theaters; although, I could say some parts are inconsistent. What do I mean by inconsistent? For example, Mystique was shown being killed in 1973, when she so happened to be alive in X-Men 2 & 3. In film three, she initially lost her powers, throwing herself in front of Magneto to try and save him from losing his mutant powers. 

Now, this wasn’t all. Nowhere in the first couple of films did it show Charles and Mystique ever really interacting with one another, even though they were claimed to be “childhood friends” in X-Men: First Class. Of course, this was probably overlooked, since the first three movies were made and shown before the prologue. Or maybe, they tried covering their tracks in the recent film, which was X-Men: Days of Future Past, showing old Charles speaking about Mystique, and how she died.

The X-Men series certainly does have some minor flaws, but I’m fine with looking past them. After all, the films are my absolute favorite. I do believe I’ve watched X-Men 3: The Last Stand over five million times (which is going a bit overboard, but you get the point). In addition, I absolutely loved the ending to the recent X-Men film, which showed my favorite character coming back to life! Side Note: My favorite character is Jean Grey. 

Honest Trailers from Youtube did make some point-outs that were more than reasonable. They went on about how the phoenix power was activated by Jean Grey’s stares, which was true. However, I would’ve liked to know how they pictured the power being activated. I mean, was she supposed to do some weird hand-clenching motion like Rikki from H20: Just Add Water? 

To sum it up, the X-Men series isn’t perfect, but it is the first on my list for “Top Films.” I’m eagerly awaiting the next film, and hope the legacy of the X-Men series lives on.